Always Playing with the Kids

My father loves to hang out with my kids. They call him grampy and he calls them his little munchkins. He does whatever they want and always love to spend time with him. When my daughter wants to have a tea party, he’s the first one sitting at the table. He plays the silliest board games with my son and wins. He went to the park with them and was playing with them on the monkey bars and injured himself. I had to search through the Sacramento chiropractors for one that could treat his back pain.

As it turns out, the injury was caused when my father was reaching to grab one of the monkey bars. As he raised his arm, he felt a slight pain in his back and stopped. He told the kids that he had to go back home and they all got back into the car. When they arrived, I noticed that my father had a look of pain on his face. I asked him what was wrong, and he said that he pulled a back muscle while he was playing with the kids on the monkey bars. I figured something like this would happen one day. I found just the person to treat my father’s pain.

The chiropractor thought that my father was in excellent shape, but it was just that one back muscle that was giving him trouble. He told my father not to do anything too rough with the kids for a while, since the back muscle would need to be at rest to heal properly. Of course, my father could still hang out with the kids, he was just limited on what he could do. He could still drink tea at the tea parties, and play board games, but he wouldn’t be doing anything too hard for a while.