Got in a Fight with an Idiot

I just got back from seeing a chiropractor in Bakersfield, but of course there is a long story behind it. I was at a bar about two weeks ago and obviously there were people who had been drinking there. It was going about as usual when last call rolled around. I had run into this girl that I knew, she knew that I was chasing her and she was willing to let me try as hard as I wanted. Whether or not she was willing to get caught I have not really found out yet. It is obvious that I need to take her out on a date for real and try to impress her with my finer qualities. At any rate it turned out that she had a former boyfriend, except he was not quite done with her. We walked out the door and around the corner, then he stepped out from a shadow and tried to sucker punch me, I am not quite sure how whether I avoided it or he just missed.

The guy smelled as though someone had poured a bottle of Southern Comfort all over him and he moved pretty much like he was falling down drunk. He must have swung at me about a dozen times and he never came close, but then he took out a kitchen knife. I think it was a bread knife, although it was quite big and I did not want to get cut by it. At any rate I kicked him in the shins the next time he lunged at me and that was enough to make him let go of the knife. When he tried to pick it up I tackled him and I am pretty sure that was where I ended up hurting my back, although I did not know it right then.