Seeing a Chiropractor in Santa Rosa Saves My Vacation

I’m not a doctor, but I do know that tingling sensations when I hold my neck or back in a certain position is likely nerve impingement. I have had trouble with my shoulders and neck for many years. I went to a chiropractor for a couple of months and got a tremendous amount of relief a couple of years ago. I did well until I stopped doing my exercises, and now I needed to find a chiropractor in Santa Rosa to see me while we were visiting relatives. I have thoracic outlet syndrome and all kinds of aches and pains associated with nerve impingement in my cervical and thoracic spine.

I do get some troubling pain in my lower back too, but that is all muscle related. That is, until the sciatic pain started. Now that trumped all the other pains. That hurt just above my right hip from the lower back shooting all the way down to my big toe. It would burn and feel like electric shocks and it also gave me a tingling pain too. It was anything but comfortable. I could not even enjoy our visit with my brother and sister-in-law. My brother got me an appointment with his chiropractor in Santa Rosa the same day.

I came back from that appointment feeling like a new man. I feel so much better after a spinal manipulation takes the pressure off of the nerves. The anti-inflammatory help of some fish oil or an ibuprofen helps with the residual discomfort. I had to take an hour out of three days of our week of visiting to see the chiropractor in Santa Rosa, but it made it possible for us to enjoy the rest of our time together without me being in so much pain I had to stay back at the house.