The Chiropractor Knew Immediately What the Problem Was

How do you remain productive when you’re stuck flat on your back for too many days out of too many weeks? It was really getting me down. How I got such a bad back was a major mystery to me. A chiropractor in Orland Park IL gave me the answer to being pain free and explained why the pain was coming about in the first place. At the end of my last treatment visit, I shook his hand because I was so grateful for all that he’d done. I told him that I would hug him if I knew him better, but that I hoped that my hand shake would convey just how happy I was thanks to what he’d done to help.

I wouldn’t say that I am lazy, but I do sit a lot at a tiring job every day. I just don’t get many opportunities to get up and around. I really need to spend most of my day glued to my chair so that I can carry out work on my computer. It is rare that I need to walk to visit another department. I’ve always had the option to climb some stairs or take a walk during lunch, but I typically have personal phone calls and other things I need to carry out during that one-hour period. When I get home at night, I am often tired. I have to cook dinner, get chores down and get the kids to bed. There’s little time for working out. I knew that it would one day be a problem.

The chiropractor pointed out what I feared about the source of my pain, which is that I had spent too many years being more inactive than I should have been. I explained my dilemma of having little time. He pointed out that just five minutes per day of back-strengthening exercises would go a long way