There Was No More Time to Try to Handle Things Alone

Depression is a huge part of why I ended up going to a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney and getting legal help. I have pushed and pushed in life to do the right thing in terms of paying all my bills on time. But depression stole my motivation and my ability to get things done. It stuck around for two years, and my credit rating went down the tubes. When the fog began to lift, I didn’t have time to take things slowly. I needed to push even harder to make things right once again.

I wouldn’t say that I have no money to pay bills just so that I can sit around being lazy. It started when I was laid off at work along with 4 other people. There were 52 other people in my department. When I was handed the pink slip, I couldn’t help but wonder why it wasn’t being handed to someone else. Was I not a good enough worker? I knew that Susie would often sneak off to go shopping during work hours. I also knew that Frank came in late almost every day and skipped out of work early on too many days to count. Jennifer was often behind in her work. Why was I being let go. I spiraled into depression within months because I could not find another job.

The longer I was out of work, the more depressed I became. My savings were running out, collectors began sending me letters. My fridge was often empty and my electricity got turned off. My car was repossessed. I lost so much, and that compounded the depression. Once I began to take medication, things started looking up again. But my financial ruin as still there. The only way to help to put a stop to it before it grew worse was by declaring bankruptcy.